Cambridge Primary Checkpoint

Teacher and student with computers

Cambridge Primary Checkpoint is designed to help students learn by providing comprehensive feedback on their strengths and weaknesses in the key curriculum areas – English, mathematics and science.

The tests are exclusively available to schools that offer Cambridge Primary and are generally taken at the end of the final year of the programme. They are marked by Cambridge and provide schools with an international benchmark for learner performance. Each learner receives a statement of achievement and a diagnostic feedback report, giving schools invaluable information and parents extra trust in the feedback they receive.

We hold two Cambridge Primary Checkpoint test series each year, covering all major areas of learning in the Cambridge Primary curriculum frameworks for English, mathematics and science. Schools teaching Cambridge Primary English as a Second Language curriculum can enter learners for tests provided by our sister organisation, Cambridge English Language Assessment. Tests for learners at the Cambridge Primary stage are:

Feedback reports

The Cambridge Primary Checkpoint feedback reports help schools to make strategic decisions, drawing on a pool of results information. They enable teachers to:

  • Tailor programmes of learning for individual learners
  • Monitor the performance of the individual and the group
  • Compare the performance of all the learners taking the test in that session
  • Manage learning programmes within schools and as learners move between schools.

The test feedback measures a learner’s performance, in relation to:

  • The curriculum framework
  • Their teaching group
  • A whole school cohort
  • Previous years’ learners.

The feedback gained from Cambridge Primary Checkpoint is also an invaluable source of information for learners and parents, providing them with a transferable indication of academic progress and achievement.