Professional development qualifications

Teacher with students and computer

New Cambridge Professional Development draft syllabuses now available

Following our initial consultation phase in May, we are now in the final stages of developing our new teacher Professional Development Qualifications (PDQs). 

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Cambridge Professional Development qualifications provide a framework for continuing professional development for teachers and trainers. They support teachers by helping them to:

  • Develop fresh ideas and approaches
  • Be confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged
  • Focus on helping learners to learn as actively, constructively and successfully as possible.

The qualifications are practice based, for full-time and part-time teachers. Practice for the assignments draws on teachers’ own teaching and learning environment – making the qualifications immediately applicable and improving professional practice and students’ learning from the start.

Cambridge Professional Development qualifications are offered through schools or training institutes, by Programme Leaders who are accredited by Cambridge to develop and deliver the programme.

The qualifications are used by ministries of education, school systems, training institutions and individual schools around the world to develop their teachers and demonstrate that their teachers meet international best practice.