Exams officers

We work very closely with Cambridge schools and build strong relationships with them. As an exams officer, you play a vital part in that relationship. Without you, it would be impossible to run and administer our exams successfully, and so we work hard to make it easy for you to work with us.

  1. Cambridge Exams Officers Guide

    Cambridge Exams Officers' Guide

    Visit our step-by-step guide to delivering exams, and access key administrative documents and support materials for exams officers.

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  2. Support and training

    Support and training

    Our support includes an online guide to administering Cambridge exams, online training, video tutorials and a bank of answers to frequently asked questions.

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  3. Exams timetable

    Exam timetables

    Access the latest exam timetable for your administrative zone. The timetable shows the date, session (AM/PM) and the duration of each written exam and the range of dates for practical and oral assessments.

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  4. Any questions

    Any questions?

    Whenever you have a question about our exam administration process you can visit our online bank of answers to frequently asked questions.

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