Our regional team - South Asia



Ruchira Ghosh

Regional Director: Ruchira Ghosh
Email: ghosh.r@cie.org.uk
Countries supported: All countries in South Asia excluding Pakistan

William Bickerdike

Regional Director: William Bickerdike (until 31 August 2014) 
Countries supported: All countries in South Asia excluding Pakistan

Vinayak Sudhakar

Senior Schools Development Manager: Vinayak Sudhakar
Email: sudhakar.v@cie.org.uk

Ayesha Banu

Training Events Coordinator: Ayesha Banu
Email: banu.a@cie.org.uk


Rakesh Konjengbam

Schools Development Manager: Rakesh Konjengbam
Email: konjengbam.r@cie.org.uk

Shamim Chowdhury

Recognition Manager: Shamim Chowdhury
Email: chowdhury.s2@cie.org.uk
Countries supported: All South Asia countries


Suzy Chowdhury

Schools Development Manager: Suzy Chowdhury
Email: chowdhury.s@cie.org.uk
Telephone: +88 01713142502

Sri Lanka

Panchalika Kulatunga

Schools Development Manager: Panchalika Kulatunga
Email: kulatunga.p@cie.org.uk
Telephone: +94 77 307 9039


Please note: Candidates or their parents with queries concerning their examinations, as well as teachers or principals with queries relating to events organised by the British Council, should contact British Council Pakistan.


Uzma Yousuf

Country Director: Uzma Yousuf
Email: yousuf.u@cie.org.uk
Telephone: +92 423 588 4430

Humayun Ghias

Schools Development Manager: Humayun Ghias
Email: ghias.h@cie.org.uk
Telephone: +92 423 588 4430


Rakshanda Khushal

Senior Schools Development Manager: Rakhshanda Khushal
Email: khushal.r@cie.org.uk
Telephone: +92 423 588 4430

Shanawer Baig

Training Events Coordinator: Shanawer Baig
Email: baig.s@cie.org.uk
Telephone: +92 423 588 4430